Our mission is to digitize
the fleet of the future.

Providing end-to-end services supporting unit deployments.

We are a technology
company enabling connected mobility

At ULU we are leading the way in the incorporation of AI into our software. Our conversational fleet management application, powered by ChatGPT is an industry’s first. As an end-to-end telematics company, we pride ourselves in designing, engineering, and building both hardware and software solution in-house. By doing so we can maintain strict quality control and continuously push for innovation and further improvements.

Innovation is our passion. We always continue to push to stay ahead
We are a dedicated team who loves what we do with years of experience.
We are always work in progress. We seek continual progress of perfection.
In it for the long-run. A clear vision to grow the business responsibly.

Fully Compliant

We always strive to comply to the highest quality, environmental and security standards in the industry. ULU is therefore fully ISO certified including 27001, 9001 and 14001. We are also HELIOS (FSQS) certified, a third-party risk management and compliance company for the financial services sector.

Meet Cartracker

Cartracker is ULU’s fleet management software proposition serving the Benelux market. We acquired Cartracker in 2018 and under the Cartracker label we serve the SMB market with our innovative products. Cartracker is a market leading player in their region with over 30,000 connected vehicles serving thousands of customers.

The ULU Team

ULU is a team of 25+ people passionate about building best-in-class connected everyThing products. Our team members are based in Amsterdam, Shenzhen, and London. We are part of VELIO, an investment company actively funding and operating relevant businesses within the automotive and technology space.

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Providing end-to-end services supporting
unit deployments.
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