Unlock new value with connected vehicles.


With ULU’s technology we help our customers in the automotive market to tap into new opportunities. Traditional automotive players are being challenged by a rapidly changing business environment, driven by technology.

Go to Market

ULU’s product proposition helps automotive companies launch and manage connected car projects at speed and with convenience. Our technology framework is in place as a foundation from where you can build added valued services and IP on top on.


Move from static to real-time information by incorporating telematics. Gain insights into usage of a vehicle and enable usage-based business models. Start charging by the mile, provide discounts based on safety and driving behaviour or use our car-sharing module as a booking system for end-users or fleets.

Customer Engagement

Customer retention is crucial in any competitive sector. Our software is built to make sure you can stay always connected via a variety of tools such as mobile and web applications. Drive loyalty by being a co-pilot along with your customer.

Our mobile app

Fully branded to your look and feel! We support a wide range of integrations with partners and service providers. From leading CRM  and accounting software to fuel cards and parking databases. If we don’t have what your looking for, we will make it happen anyway.

Optimize processes

ULU’s API and integrations can connect to any dealer management and CRM system. Automate internal processes for increased efficiency and return on investment. Have insight into where vehicles are located on your parking lot to cut down on lead-times, to optimized vehicle repair and maintenance planning in your workshop.

Fleet Management

Offer your corporate customers a full-blown fleet management software application. Go beyond selling your product or service and leverage our software to your customers to comply with reporting and ESG requirements.

Your brand

We deliver the entire technology stack into a fully white-labelled solution. Become a forward-thinking enterprise by embracing connected vehicle technology for your organization.

Explore how OEMs can benefit from our solution

We provide multiple hardware devices for different use-cases. From plug & play devices to electric mobility.

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