Customer-first mobile applications

A mobile APP purposely built to increase customer engagement.

Customized Brand Experience.

A white-labeled mobile application to showcase your brand identity. We tailor the app to match your brand identity, leveraging standard features as building blocks that can be modified to meet the specific needs.

Build your own IP.

We offer an application framework where we focus on relevant functionally to keep users engaged. Further built on top of the app by integrating your own features to differentiate your offering, and to add value by adding your own IP on top of the framework.

  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Event recorded in portal
  • Parkmode

We have developed our large data infrastructure to use micro services as much as possible. These are small, dedicated services within the platform that operate for a single, functional purpose. These help primarily in increasing efficiency and functionality, and take advantage of the powerful Golang programming language.

Features are designed so people are enticed to actively use the mobile app on offer. Users can seamlessly pay for on-street parking, including automatic parking meter notifications for connected vehicles. Allow users to access navigation features with real-time parking rates and recommendations for cost-effective parking near their destination. Access vehicle technical information, manage diagnostic fault codes, and enable users to schedule maintenance or report any vehicle damage effortlessly from their mobile device.

Efficiently manage content within the app through our Content Management System. Create and push generic advertising content or target specific groups or individual users with personalized content. Keep user information up-to-date and integrate directly with your in-house CRM systems.

Enhance user engagement through loyalty programs. Reward users for specified actions through gamification. Did someone schedule their vehicle maintenance through the app? Earn an extra 50 points! Did they report any vehicle damage via the app? Add another 10 points! Users have a clear guide on point accumulation and can track progress in their account.

Expand the loyalty program by incorporating telematics data

Award points based on CO2 emissions, driving behavior, or calories burned (for e-bikes). Manage rewards seamlessly through the app, allowing users to easily redeem their accumulated points for enticing benefits.

Get in contact

Integrated AI Assistant

Enhance customer service with Aimy, our AI assistant, accessible within the app. Users can access FAQs and chat with Aimy for instant, database-driven responses, providing quick and efficient customer support. Meet Aimy for more information.

e-(Cargo) Bike Features.

For electric bikes, gain insights into CO2 savings and burned calories. Integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit to track fitness data, offering a holistic overview of the user's physical activity.

Manage Payments.

Facilitate seamless transactions within the app using our integrated payment platform. Users can effortlessly settle payments, and if desired, conveniently upgrade or downgrade various bundles.

Engage in Friendly Competition.

Encourage friendly rivalry by inviting friends to join competitions through your app. Gain insights into your friends' key performance indicators (KPIs) and embark on challenges. Determine who exhibits the best driving behavior, emits the least CO2, or holds the title of the road warrior in your circle of friends!