Providing end-to-end vehicle based IOT solutions.

The connected
everyThing company

Next-generation connected mobility solutions build on a powerful platform.

The Smart Mobility Company

ULU is the leading technology partner for smart mobility and connectivty. Through the use of our technology, our customers can provide new services and gain access to new data sources to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

We make sure your fleet is ready for the future making last-mile delivery connected. ULU provides compatibility with a wide variety of drivetrains supporting connectivity for most electric bikes, cargo bikes and light electric vehicles.

Collect real-time data insights using our web-based fleet management software platform and mobile applications. Fully compliant with privacy rules and regulations delivering peace of mind information.

Our powerful product proposition and modular approach to telematics will enable any business to launch new and innovative business models. Leverage our suite of solutions to elevate your business with distinctive offerings using connected technology.

Not just any fleet management software platform.

Why pick ULU as your company backbone?

We are not just any standard offering around in the market today. We differentiate by having
our AI powered engine underneath our application layers, creating instant insights. Say
goodbye to static data and easily retrieve the information you need upon demand.

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All the insights you need are a conversation away using our ChatGPT powered AI tool.

An industry’s first, ULU is transforming how you gather and interact with fleet analytics using GPT-4. Meet Aimy, your new AI assistant providing all the answers you need about your fleet. We call this conversational fleet management.

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The everyThing platform

You need to support multiple vehicle types, drivers, assets and data that you need to manage towards operational excellence. ULU’s everyThing platform is designed to digitize your fleet and to gain the insights you need to make better decisions.

Modular & Scalable Technology

We are built on the latest technologies to ensure secure communication and scalable services. Whenever you want to use our full suite of applications, or merely use our API to integrate data with an existing application, we got you covered. Learn more about our platform.

Full Vehicle Compatibility

Ready for the future. The ULU hardware CAN-bus library contains the information of approximately 1.000 different vehicle and e-bike models including an extensive description of each of the parameters. We offer the most comprehensive vehicle data coverage in the

Go-to-market as a Service

Going to market with an IoT proposition is not just about technology. It requires practical support in the field of fulfilment and after-service. ULU is part of a wider group of companies backed by Velio, enabling our network & supply chain expertise to work for you.

Designed to be safe & secure

Read what our partners say:

Kees Jan Blankestijn
Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Product

“With the integration of ULU's cutting-edge technology into our fleet of electric cargo bikes, we finally have full insight. This innovation enhances our ability to serve our customers with efficiency and reliability, elevating our commitment to make the inner cities a better place”

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A technology-first approach to
connected mobility.


Protect people with state-of the art technology, coaching and cameras.

Fleet management

Manage your fleet in real-time, from a single dashboard.


Easily Track and manage cars, bikes, equipment and more.


Turn real-time data into actionable insights and reports.


Maximize uptime and minimize maintenance cost.


Improve sustainability and reduce your environmental impact.


Easily set permission so different layers in any organization can access different services.


Connect data across different apps and systems.


Identify and act on important security risks.

Plug-and-play Hardware

We provide multiple hardware devices for different use-cases. From plug & play devices to electric mobility.

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