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At ULU we maintain an open approach to our products and are flexible on how a certain requirements needs to be configured.

Our everyThing platform is ready to scale

The Platform is designed from the ground up, with scalability in mind, combining the latest in data processing and security. We have created a comprehensive IoT framework which provides a solid foundation for the design and construction of complex application layers.

Technology overview

Gain insights with the everyThing REST APIs

Connect data to other apps by building integrations that exchange data and info. Our REST API offers a wide range of operations across vehicles, assets, alarms, reporting tools, and more.

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Platform Integrations

We support many integrations with various solutions including CRM systems, fuel cards and more. Easily export data to other systems or connect with existing services and solutions. Do you have an interesting solution which could be a good fit? Please reach out to us.

Apps driving engagement

We provide an application framework for mobility apps. Use our heavy lifting and easily design white label those in your own look and feel. We launch the app in your name, using your developer accounts at any app stores.

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Platform Agnostic, Device Neutral

Our open approach is designed to support any use case. Our hardware line-up is therefore platform agnostic, and our everyThing platform is data neutral meaning we can integrate third-party data sources into our processing.

Jump on the Telematics Bandwagon.

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We have created in-demand, robust application layers, designed with the end user in mind. Our 'white label' solution will have you up and running with the latest in UX and application design; all within a few weeks. Start generating recurring revenue today with our full telematics offering, and provide your client with an app they will use on a regular basis. Bring them closer to your services than ever before.

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