Asset Tracking

Your Telematics Solution for Real-Time Asset Tracking.


ULU stands out as your dedicated solution for asset management. With specialized hardware and software options tailored for every use case, we ensure that you always have access to the most relevant data. Our live track and trace capabilities provide you with a comprehensive overview of your assets' real-time locations.

Instant Location Insights

We allow you to gain immediate visibility into the exact locations of your assets. Whether you're tracking vehicles, equipment, or other valuable items, you'll always know where they are.

Historical Data

You can review historical data to understand when your assets arrived at their current location and how long they've been there. This feature is invaluable for monitoring asset movements, usage patterns, and adherence to schedules.


Create virtual boundaries and receive instant alerts when your assets enter or exit designated areas. This feature is indispensable for maintaining control and security.


Stay informed with customizable alerts, notifications, and reports. Receive real-time updates on asset movements, specific events, and crucial data.

Route and Traffic Insights:

Access live routes and gain insight into current traffic conditions. This enables you to easily search for an address and determine which asset is closest, as well as estimate the time it will take for the asset to reach its destination—ideal for services and emergencies.

Anti-Theft Security

Receive instant notifications if there is any tampering with your assets or if a vehicle is in operation during unexpected times. This enhanced security feature provides peace of mind, ensuring that you are alerted to any suspicious activities.

Device Management

Manage your deployed units remotely to adjust hardware settings as needed. Modify data transmission frequencies, and if an asset is stolen, access its real-time location instantly via the portal.

ULU is your trusted partner for live track and trace solutions, offering real-time visibility into your assets' locations and a range of features to simplify asset management. With a user-friendly interface, you can enhance security, gain insights, and optimize your operations