As a service

Providing end-to-end services supporting unit deployments at scale

Design & Manufacturing

We have the experience in building products from scratch. Consider product design, firmware and software development and manufacturing at scale. At ULU we can support customization work on both hardware and software related projects. For example, we frequently design and produce specific wire harnesses on behalf of our customers to support telematics for OEM related projects.


We have warehousing and logistics in place and we support our customers in packaging, storage, pick & pack and shipping. Our team will sit with you to discuss the requirements and we can support almost all use-cases. From drop-shipments directly to end-users to larger orders, we got you covered.


Some hardware models require more advanced installation within a vehicle. In order to support this we have a full-blown installation team available who can help with the installation, and provide training programs  to your own installers. We provide the needed software tools to perform the installation and required testing.


We are an engineering company and have experience and resources to support our customers with services. Our team is available, whether it is to customise software or workflows, or to reverse engineer a specific vehicle make or model. We got all the expertise in-house to swiftly support any requirements.

Customer support

We have a dedicated customer support team available to support you. In addition to 2nd line support, we can offer premium support to our customers. We can pick up the phone using your number, and company name and form a natural extension of your organization. We learned this can be extremely beneficial in the early phases of a project.