Platform overview

The everyThing platform is the engine powering smart mobility igniting new business models and insights. Our Technology is powerful and modular by design to support customer requirements, market needs and regulation.

everyThing is powered by AI
Fully compliant & certified
Ready for the future
Scalable & Easy integration

Powered by AI

We use AI to contextualise data and provide more relevant insights to your data needs. Our approach to data visibility is modern and smart. Fleets are becoming larger and more complex and managers should gain insights by asking simple questions, instead of searching static data fields.

Optimized ROI

We have built our products from the ground up and consider the best technologies to optimize performance. Using modern techniques allows us to deliver a scalable solution at most competitive cost. When scaling efficiently, cost control is essential.

Strong fundamentals

The Platform delivers a robust data processing system that meets the big data demands of modern telematics. By implementing the latest techniques in processing, sorting and storing data, we have delivered a strong framework for companies to use during day to day applications.


At the heart of any modern IoT platform, security is arguably the most important factor. Both our device and the platform have been designed in parallel to create the most secure environment possible. Your data is managed in the most safe and secure way at ULU.


ULU is ISO27001 certified and hence we have strict internal and external control mechanisms in place to comply with security standards. The platform is fully GDPR compliant taking all privacy regulations and requirements in consideration.

Device Management

Provision and monitor your devices at scale. Leverage our Over-the-Air (OTA) capabilities to effortlessly reconfigure deployed units at scale as your needs change.

Device & Platform Agnostic

Our device-line up is platform agnostic enabling to connect to any endpoint. The everyThing platform is also data neutral meaning we can include third-party data streams, for example from OEMs. We have several OEM connectors already in place.

Why get connected using the everyThing platform?
Empowering you to Fulfill your Connectivity Potential.

Proven with large deployments

22,2729,2027,93 meters recorded which is equivalent to traveling to the moon and back 5794 times. We processed a vast amount of data and trips for many years

Save cost on infrastructure

Save costs on expensive infrastructure by using the readily available solution optimized for IoT.

Speed time to market

Onboard easily with full support from ULU engineering power and customer service teams and start creating PoCs (Proof of Concepts) with confidence and at speed.

Broad vehicle and bike coverage

Our device line-up has access to 1000+ libraries supporting vehicles and e-bikes. Easily access this information as those devices are integrated and configured on the everyThing platform.

Ready for the future

ULU is heavily committed in providing the smartest and best technology available in the market. Our deep commitment to delivering the best solution in the market will get you ahead and ready for the future.

Mixed fleet. One platform.

Consolidate all your IoT requirements into one solution. The platform supports everyThing from vehicles to industrial assets. Gain a clear overview of all your critical assets on the move.

Plug-and-play Hardware

We provide multiple hardware devices for different use-cases. From plug & play devices to electric mobility.

Deep dive into our solutions

Explore our applications and learn how these can accelerate your business.