Bring customer relationship to
a new level.

A mobile APP purposely built to increase customer engagement. The APP supports many relevant features such as turn-by-turn navigation, on and off street parking, remote diagnostics and vehicle insights.

iOs & Andoird
Powered by Aimy
Telematics as an option
Your branding

Increased engagement

An APP purposely designed for people on the move. Give your customers access to relevant content and tools to make their journey easier and better. It’s all about keeping your users engaged and built a long-term relationship and connection.


Built brand awareness, increase conversation with personalised offers within the app, and create higher engagement with two-way conversations. Have our Aimy chatbox work for you as a dynamic and interactive AI-assistant.

Targeted Automation

Connect your app with our telematics and start collecting real-time information. Start sending automated messages based on actual triggers. Low battery? Push a notification to inform your customer before it’s too late. That’s premium service.

APP for Fleet Managers

When operating a professional fleet, use our tools to optimize routing, push out new job alerts and have employees manage their trips. All fully integrated and synced with our advanced fleet management software.

White Label

Fully branded to your look and feel! We support a wide range of integrations with partners and service providers. From leading CRM  and accounting software to fuel cards and parking databases. If we don’t have what your looking for, we will make it happen anyway.

App-Only or Connected

The APP can work stand-alone or in combination with telematics for a direct vehicle data feed. Most features, such as navigation, the ability pay for parking or our advanced CRM tools are also available in the APP-only variant making it flexible in use and scalable.