Use telematics to deliver usage-based insurance products.


Policy holders are becoming more demanding and as mobility needs change, also does the insurance demand. At ULU we work with leading insurance companies to provide next-generation motor insurance products.

Plug & Play logging.

We provide easy to install data loggers (OBD devices) which can be plugged into any car. An easy to scale solution with accurate data collection to enable pay per use insurance propositions.

Data Delivery

We provide data to insurance companies via API or via a custom white-label software application. Our mobile apps are designed for safe driver engagement and policy insights.

Scoring & Measuring.

Our driving behaviour algorithm is most advanced and proven in the field. Use scoring and adjust pricing in real-time based on behaviour.

Advanced Monitoring

We provide more advanced equipment and technologies for higher risk segments such as for taxi’s and delivery drivers. We deliver next-generation and AI powered dashcam technology when more insights are required to provide a competitive price to high-risk drivers.

Designed to be safe & secure

As a trusted supplier to the insurance industry we take security and compliance with most importance. We are
ISO27001 certified and HELIOS approved.