Medical Care

Start monitoring critical equipment and increase service levels with an industry compliant solution.


ULU developed a connected mobility scooter solution for the medical care market. An end-to-end service from connected hardware to a full-service software platform with deep analytical insights on usage. Increase efficiency and profit margins while delivering higher service levels to customers.

Increase Patient Care

Servicing your patients in the best possible way is crucial. Patients require another level of care when it comes to medical equipment. State-of-the-art insights can provide an extra peace of mind and deliver increased sense of security.

Higher Service Levels

If you can remotely monitor equipment and mobility scooters you can provide on-demand feedback when issues occur. This can be as simple as having insights in location to advanced remote diagnostics for faster trouble shooting and problem solving.

Lower TCO

Total Cost of Ownership is important when managing your fleet. Optimize profit margins by being more efficient with a connected product proposition. Manage your asset’s locations, understand problems before they occur or simple dispatch maintenance staff in a better way.

Industry Standards

ULU is part of the Resources Care protocol foundation, an industry standard in the care industry guaranteeing IOT data can be better managed and compliant with OEM specifications and standards.