Streamline Your Operation with our Workflow Optimization Technology.


Are you looking to streamline the management of your shared pool of vehicles? Our comprehensive carsharing module is the solution you need. As an administrator, you can effortlessly manage your shared fleet through our intuitive carsharing module. You have full control over which vehicles can be reserved, and you can set various parameters to make fleet management even more straightforward.

Vehicle and User Grouping

You can easily categorize vehicles and users, enabling you to precisely determine who has the privilege to reserve which vehicles. This flexibility is ideal for customizing access to specific groups or individuals. You can even define pick-up locations for each vehicle, making the process even more convenient.

Reservation Customization

Users can easily reserve a vehicle through our app in just a few simple steps. They can check vehicle availability for their desired dates and times and select a specific vehicle type. Our system is also compatible with various calendar applications, ensuring seamless integration.

Flexible Pricing Plans

ULU's carsharing module offers optional payment plans for each vehicle, vehicle category, or your entire fleet. Set basic and start rates, per-kilometer fees, or charges based on specific time periods, granting you complete pricing flexibility.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our reporting module offers a wealth of data at your fingertips. You can track vehicle occupancy rates, driver history, and even monitor driving behavior if desired. Access reservation details, departure and return times, and total mileage travelled.

Process Parking Payments

We use smart techniques to optimize load sequencing and cargo weight, enabling our customers to transport more while efficiently utilizing their vehicle's capacity.

ULU's Carsharing functionality provides you with a complete solution for managing your shared fleet of vehicles. It simplifies the reservation process, provides flexible pricing options, and offers detailed reporting for a comprehensive overview of your fleet's usage. Make your fleet management a breeze with ULU's Carsharing module.