Customer helpdesk

Introducing the Customer Helpdesk Portal: Elevating First-Line Customer Support. Our Customer Helpdesk solution is an application specially designed to empower front-line support personnel, call center operators, or anyone responsible for addressing customer issues.


Customer service teams are not always technical experts, and the bulk of customer inquiries often land at the first-line support level. These front-line agents are typically the initial point of contact, tasked with resolving as many cases as possible independently, without the need to escalate issues throughout the organization.

Optimized Search

With a simple search query, first-line support agents gain access to a wealth of information to seamlessly navigate customer interactions. The portal offers an intuitive interface, presenting a comprehensive overview of relevant data.

Real-time insights

Agents can assess the current state of any asset, its historical usage, existing error codes, or past issues. They can quickly review and access detailed vehicle and customer information.

Powered by AI

Start a driving behaviour competition with just a few clicks – whether for individuals or groups, anonymously or in a "name and shame" format. You have the freedom to design the competition as you see fit. Participants will be proactively coached in a fun and engaging way. Keep an eye on results and standings at any time.

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Allow input & editing

Any notes from colleagues based on prior interactions are also at their fingertips. With just a few clicks, support agents can execute various actions, such as updating information or scheduling a service call or workshop appointments.

Our Customer Helpdesk solution empowers first-line support teams with the tools and knowledge needed to resolve customer issues swiftly and efficiently. With the added expertise of Aimy, your support agents can deliver even higher levels of customer service, making your customer interactions smoother, more effective, and ultimately more satisfying.