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Your All-in-One AI Chatbot Powered by GPT


Aimy, our AI chatbot, is more than just a virtual assistant; she's a powerful tool designed to enhance your user experience. Aimy has been trained at three different levels, granting her a vast range of capabilities to ensure interactions are efficient and productive.

AI Support Agent

You need to support multiple vehicle types, drivers, assets and data that you need to manage towards operational excellence. ULU’s everyThing platform is designed to digitize your fleet and to gain the insights you need to make better decisions.

AI Consultant

At her core, Aimy serves as a support agent, with access to an extensive database of FAQs, manuals, and other resources related to our portal. She possesses an in-depth knowledge of the system and can provide answers to virtually any question you may have.

AI Colleague

Aimy's expertise goes beyond basic support. She has access to your data and can assist you with in-depth analyses. Instead of poring over KPI dashboards daily, She can present insights in tables or graphs, comparing datasets, offering recommendations based on your fleet's usage, and helping you make data-driven decisions. Her analytical capabilities empower you to gain a deeper understanding of your operations.

Aimy powered by ChatGPT.
A Powerhouse of Knowledge.

Use Aimy for your business. Not limited to Fleets.

Aimy's capabilities are rooted in the ChatGPT language model, providing extensive language understanding. Aimy does not have access to the worldwide web. We've trained Aimy exclusively with data that we deem relevant, ensuring that she adheres to the precise parameters set by our organization. Her expertise is therefore carefully controlled and managed to meet your specific requirement

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Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment. Whether you need to link data sources or upload FAQs, it's a straightforward process. By embedding our widget into your website, you can have your own AI chatbot up and running within seconds—no AI developer required.

Simple Set-up

Creating an account is all it takes to get started. Leverage Aimy for your own domains, whether you're addressing customer inquiries or handling internal requests.

Manage Conversations

Your chat agents can always take over any conversation manually, and customers can provide feedback per message. Aimy's training evolves continuously, ensuring she becomes more knowledgeable than any human employee over time.

Aimy is your all-in-one AI chatbot solution.

With ChatGPT-powered knowledge and standalone capabilities, Aimy is here to enhance your interactions and provide valuable assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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