Take the guesswork out
of Product Innovation

Let real-time mobility data inspire your innovations, and gain insights into use cases throughout a product’s lifetime. Enabling OEM's to follow their assets through its lifecycle is changing the game and sparking new business models.

ULU helps companies to launch new connected mobility projects

We focus on new mobility manufacturers who seek to implement telematics in their product line-up. We work and supply various companies including e-bike and Light Electric Vehicle manufacturers.

Emerging OEM’s

Our customers are typically active in the field of new and electric mobility. We provide the required hardware to fully read out electric control units as a factory fitted product. Our software tools deliver deep insights from specific units up to full fleets insights

Compatibility & Engineering.

ULU already supports a wide range of CAN-bus libraries, and we have a vast experience in retrieving data from Electronic Control Units and embedding this information into our hardware modules. Our hardware is typically factory installed and we support our customers with extensive testing and integration.

Remote & secure diagnostics.

The fitted hardware modules have features in place to remotely debug and/or gain advanced insights from any vehicle or bike. This will allow manufacturers to easily perform remote diagnostics and improve service levels to their customers.

everyThing platform

Make sense of data and use our A.I. powered engine to instantly gain insights into vehicle usage and trends. Our reporting tools can easily identify pre-set data requirements for quick action and advanced customer support.

Fleet Management Software

Increase your service offering with your branded fleet management software. We can fully white-label our offering so you can add extra services to your product line-up and generate additional revenue by offering a fleet management platform. For more information please visit our feature page.

Connected devices

Explore our wide-range of hardware devices and learn how we can get any vehicle connected. We provide out-of-the- box solutions or we can custom design products in order to meet your specific requirements.

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Monitor real-time milages, error codes, maintance and more.

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Monitor real-time milages, error codes, maintance and more.

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