Use Cases

Providing end-to-end services supporting unit deployments.

Fleet management

How a fleetmanagement platform became a
market leader in fleetmanagement software.

Cartracker, a subsidiary owned by ULU, operates a fleet management platform targeting business of all sizes. With over 30,000 connected vehicles, Cartracker is a market leader in fleet management software in the Netherlands.

The software is continuously being improved and features are being added to support a wide target audience. Cartracker supports SME’s of all sizes, including leading companies like KONE,  to local government municipality’s with thousands of vehicles and assets. Learn more on the cartracker website.


How an insurance play increased time to market
with ULU.

Traksi, an insurance product targeting taxi’s and delivery vans managed to bring an innovative insurance proposition to market in less than 3 months. Together with ULU we built a white-label proposition using advanced telematics, powered by a dashcam and advanced driving behaviour analytics.

ULU also supports Traksi with practical support and manages anything from warehousing and distribution to installations. ‘ULU and Traksi have formed a close partnership since day one, and they really supported us in getting our product to market quickly and only a few years later we have thousands of Taxi’s on our insurance product.’ says Maurits Basters, Co-founder of Traksi.


How an insurance play increased time to market
with ULU.

ULU powers the largest private leasing fleet in the Netherlands with over 20,000 active units. The vehicles are equipped with OBD-II units and sent a wide range of vehicle data. ULU built a platform from where the customers of the leasing company can login and manage their car information. They can easily manage their trips, and see how many miles they drove that month, and see if this is still withing their mileage bundle.

Last mile delivery

Managing cargo-bikes via real-time insights in
usage for optimized performance.

For DOCKR, a company providing sustainable inner city delivery using cargo-bikes, we built a complete connected cargo-bike proposition. Our hardware units are installed on each bike reading all relevant data such as usage and battery status.

The APP can work stand-alone or in combination with telematics for a direct vehicle data feed. Most features, such as navigation, the ability pay for parking or our advanced CRM tools are also available in the APP-only variant making it flexible in use and scalable.

With the integration of ULU's cutting-edge technology into our fleet of electric cargo bikes, we finally have full insight. This innovation enhances our ability to serve our customers with efficiency and reliability, elevating our commitment to make the inner cities a better place

Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Product
Kees Jan Blankestijn
OHM & dealership

Embedded connectivity powered by ULU
hardware & software

We supported OHM, an emerging Light Electric Vehicle Manufacturer with an end-to-end telematics proposition. ULU reversed engineered the vehicles and now successfully collect a vast amount of proprietary ECU data. In addition, ULU designed specific cables for easy in-factory installation. OHM uses the platform further to run diagnostics and to provide their customers with an OHM white labelled fleet management portal.

We are very pleased with the flexibility and the engineering power of ULU.  They have been critical in the launch of our connected vehicle strategy, and they form natural extension to our engineering team.

Federico Spatti