Take full control over your fleet with ULU today

Monitor & Control

Get full control over your fleet in a simple and easy to use interface. Know where your cars are located, how they are being used and what is the health of your fleet



When your attention is required, you are immediately notified, whether this is a potential defect on a vehicle, low battery warnings, speeding violations and aggresive driving or out of bounds warnings.


Good control of your fleet creates immediate saving. Reduce fuel costs, by improving driving behaviour, save on maintenance costs with on-time vehicle servicing and reduce overhead for fleet administration



Engage with drivers through an easy to use mobile application on iOS and Android, providing feedback on driving behaviour, tips on driving improvements, easy to use usage reporting, driver registration and competition.


Automate reporting on vehicle usage with out-of-the-box track and trace and kilometre registration, reducing manual administration of fleet car usage.

Business Package

For business

ULU Business fleet

  • Use of ULU dongle for lifetime of subscription
  • 1 year of always on global cellular coverage
  • Access to iOS, Android and Web applications
  • Fleet management portal
  • 1 subscription required per managed car

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